580 – Skin Fair Review 4

And another new head for today 😀 I must admit i’m not used to blog this kind of head but it’s so cute! This inspired doll head is offered by LAQ, with two new skins I will showcase below after i gave you the details of my outfit. You can buy the hud that comes with the head, you will only have to buy it once, all the head works with it, this way you can get several head without being too much broke, which is a great deal right? 😛 Remember early access for sponsors & Pale Girl Productions group members starts at 9 AM ! Don’t miss it ❤

Head : Ivy Bento head – personal shape – by LAQ @Skin Fair 2019New – ❤

Skin : Ines – Omega – by LAQ @Skin Fair 2019New – ❤

Eyes : Daydreamer eyes – Omega – by Avi Glam @Skin Fair 2019 – New – ❤

Eyeshadows: City light shadows – LAQ – by Shiny Stuff @Skin Fair 2019New – ❤

Hair : G0718 by Tram

Top : Katty Lover ruffle top – Maitreya – by Addams

Tattoo : Lumos tattoo by Dappa

Here we go for the first skin review, it’s the one i’m wearing on my main picture, Ines. You will find 9 differents tones and different options :

And the second skin, Ivy, she’s so dolly and cute ! If you like this kind of skin don’t miss it, you wont get disappointed 😀

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