Skin Fair Review 6

As you might know, Genus Project is back at Skin Fair  with a bunch of new heads and updated the previous one too. I must admit i fell in love with the Strange Face W001. I will showcase all the new heads in this post but i will show them in other post later individually. It’s just to show you the awesomeness of all those new heads ! Don’t hesitate to grab demos & play with them, trust me, you will love it 😀 Happy Shopping ❤


Head : Strange Face W001 by Genus Project @Skin Fair 2020New – ❤

Skin : Alice  – by Clef de Peau @Powder Pack  ❤

Lashes : Fanned lashes – Genus appliers – by Pout @Skin Fair 2020 – New – ❤

Freckles : Natural Freckles – Genus appliers – by Pout @Skin Fair 2020 – New – ❤

Ears : GothLoli ears by Swallow  @Anthem New – ❤

Piercing : Bento Lip Piercing by Conviction

Hair : Lucky hair by Foxy @Kustom9 – New –

Tattoo : Madeline tattoo by Dappa @Whore Couture Fair – New – ❤


Now that we’re done with the details, here are the differents heads with Calwl, and raw shots :

On the left , Baby Face W002  , on the right Classic Face W002


On the left : Strong Face W002 , Middle : Strange Face W001, on the right : Strange Face W002



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