233 – Underdressed

  Mesh head and skin : Lena by Genesis Lab Hair : Allah by Bad Hair Day @Neo Japan – New – Outfit :  Sia – Isis Belleza – by Nx Nardcotix @Uber – New – Tattoo : Mother earth tattoo by Speakeasy @Spring Flair – New –  Publicités


Hair by Stealthic  –  Like Lust Skin by Stray Dog  –  DEVIN – TONE 07 Ears by Swallow  –  Gauged Ears Glasses by Minimal  –  Hunter glasses Vest by AITUI  at  TMD  –  Wrapped Cardigan – Sleek Black Pants by Legal Insanity  –  Dirk jeans  (SPONSOR) Sandals by NX-Nardcotix  –  Mecatl Sandals Pics taken at fBACKDROP City   (Thank You ❤ )


Beanie by MGmen’s  –  MGmen’s_Hat_Biker_Standart Sweater by Etham  –  Alfred Sweater Pant by NX-NardCotix  at MOM  –    Finlay Cargos Full Pack  (SPONSOR) Shoes by Fame Femme  –   Chucks  – Kori – texture 01  


  Ears by Swallow  –  Drop Ears BackPack by NX-Nardcotix  –  Finlay Backpack Commando  (SPONSOR) Shirt by TonkTastic  –  Cotton Tee -Woodlandish Stars & Stripes- Pant by VERSOV  –  CHINOV_OLIVE_(SIGNATURE) Poses by Animosity  –  In Jhamal Pack for MoH  (SPONSOR)


Hair by Barber Shop  –  Zack  (SPONSOR) Skin by Stray Dog  –  DEVIN – TONE 07 Tattoo by White Widow  –  DarkTower – Black  (SPONSOR) Underpants by Abrasive  –  Adonis Speedo – Red Shoes by NX-NardCotix  –  Gideon Boot Full Pack  (SPONSOR) Poses by Animosity  –  Egypt poses pack  (SPONSOR)


Hair by Stealthic  –  Psycho Skin by Stray Dog  –  MARVIN – TONE 03 Vest by Gild  at  Hipster Men Event  –  Easy suits_jacket_black  (SPONSOR) Pants by Gild  at  Hipster men Event  –  Easy suits_pants_black  (SPONSOR) Shoes by Native Urban  –  Zeeba Sneakers 3 BackPack by NX-NardCotix  –  Finlay Backpack Full Pack  (SPONSOR) Poses by…


Hood by Gild  at  We Love Role Play  –  [Gild] cover the eye Hood  (SPONSOR) Tank and pants by Gild  at  FaMESHed  –  [Gild] Fitted Rubber tank with geometric pants  (SPONSOR) Shoes by NX-Nardcotix  –  NX-Nardcotix Mecatl Sandals (SPONSOR) Tattoo by White Widow  –  Dune  (SPONSOR) Blog Pics poses by Animosity  –   Quan Pose Pack …


Body by NX- Nardcotix  –  NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body  (SPONSOR) Skin by Modulus  –   Esteban Skin – Tan – Catwa Applier  (SPONSOR) Hat by SORGO  –  * SORGO – Fedora w. Feathers (A) / CAMEL Shirt by NX-Nardcotix  –  Ives Shirt Full Pack  (SPONSOR) Short by NX-Nardcotix  –  Diego Chino Shorts Full Pack  (SPONSOR) Sandals…


Body by Nardcotix  –  NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body  (SPONSOR) Hair by Modulus  –  Modulus – Kaleb Hair  (SPONSOR) Skin by Modulus  –  Modulus – Giles Skin – Cream – Catwa Applier  (SPONSOR) Ears by Swallow  –  Pixie Ears /(Wear) Underwear by Nardcotix  at  The Mesh Body Addict Fair 2017  –  NX-Nardcotix Darrel Underwear Set Full…